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Selective Soldering System SEHO Selec...

Selective Soldering System SEHO SelectLine

MJS Designs is pleased to announce the purchase of the Selective Soldering System manufactured by SEHO SelectLine, with planned installation in December 2015. The new selective soldering system provides 100% process control with its revolutionary design. The selective soldering systems are precise, programmable, fast, and consistent. It solders with highest level of precision and solder […]

Understanding Ball Grid Arrays

Understanding Ball Grid Arrays

At the heart of any computer or computation-enabled device are its processors and the chips that enable its functioning. The exponential growth in electronic and microelectronic devices and their capabilities has led to the use of microprocessors in the medical, military, industrial and consumer sectors. From a child’s robotic toy to a wireless communication device, […]

The Printed Circuit Board Assembly Pr...

For printed circuit board assembly, it helps to have an array of manufacturing capabilities, the latest assembly technology, and cutting edge inspection and validation processes. Surface mount technology (SMT) describes the method used to mount electronics on the surface of a printed circuit board. One of the smallest is the 01005 assembly. This number refers […]

Printed Circuit Boards: Replace or Re...

The PCB, or printed circuit board, is the heart of any electronics device. Components are attached to this board in different ways, though the most common is through the use of a BGA, or ball grid array. When components begin to fail it is important to know whether it is necessary to repair the PCB, […]