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Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Today’s consumer,  whether shopping for landscaping services or electronics manufacturing services, typically wants an answer to the question “how much will it cost?” as soon as possible.  This key cost number often decides if they will continue to shop, if they can hand a project off to a service provider or even if there is value […]

Quality Counts . . . The 8 Areas that...

As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link”.  Therefore, the partners you choose to provide Engineering, PCB CAD Layout, Testing, PCB Assembly and Manufacturing could make or break your ability to provide a quality product that is both functional and profitable. Below are the Top 8 benefits your next EMS […]

A Quick Look: Document Management Sys...

Every company has their own system of archiving, filing and maintaining documents.  And some don’t have any system at all, creating quite the handicap when engaging with an electronics manufacturing company. However, for companies to achieve such certifications as ISO9001, AS9100C, ISO13485, etc., they should not only identify their document management methods at a policy/ […]

PCB Design – A Team Approach

PCB Design – A Team Approach

Just about every technology product in our world has passed through the hands of a PCB Designer.  The PCB Designer steps in after the electrical engineer has completed the schematic or circuit design.  The PCB Designer makes his/her contributions to the portion of the project that involves the printed circuit board which mechanically supports and […]

MJS Designs Announces a New Design Se...

Valor NPI ensures a smooth transition from PCB design to fabrication, and on to assembly and test. The Valor NPI platform provides comprehensive DFM analysis, applied in parallel with your design flow for maximum advantage, or up on design completion. By combining the Valor NPI manufacturing data creation tools and DFM, the manufacturing level product-model […]

Selecting a PCB CAD Layout Design Ven...

Selecting a PCB CAD Layout Design Vendor

Printed circuit boards are the electronic brains behind just about every electronic technology we use today. In simple terms, they are used to create conductive pathways out of copper sheets to send signals and instructions to electronic devices. Each PCB layout is a unique, meticulously designed map to the electronic device and it is typically […]

The Purpose of Digital Signal Process...

Digital Signal Processors are micro-processing controllers with practical applications in everyday life. They process audio, voice, video, temperature and other digitized signals in order to translate the data they carry. The processing involves rapid and often complicated mathematical calculations specific to their programming. DSP Architecture The DSP contains several key components. These include: -Memory that […]

MJS Designs PCB CAD Layout Design Too...

Using the right tools is important in any job. However, the proper tools are especially crucial when it comes to PCB CAD layout design and capture. The following tools are the best in the industry, and any client should demand them. CAD Tools Mentor Graphics PADS is an industry-standard software tool that is used by […]

Electronics and Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy treatments have made remarkable improvements over the last twenty years, and many of these improved methods were made possible by advances in electronics technology. The relationship between electronics and chemothereapy revolves around the administration of chemo drug infusions and the complex management of patient therapy plans and dosage requirements. The benefits of electronic infusion […]

Technology IS the New Fashion Accesso...

Technology IS the New Fashion Accessory

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. It is also a pretty effective way to make money. Given Apple’s (AAPL) record-shattering success with the iPad and IPhone, it only makes sense that everybody who dreams of mattering in the computer and communications industries is scrambling to field their own alternative products in […]