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Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Today’s consumer,  whether shopping for landscaping services or electronics manufacturing services, typically wants an answer to the question “how much will it cost?” as soon as possible.  This key cost number often decides if they will continue to shop, if they can hand a project off to a service provider or even if there is value […]

Selective Soldering System SEHO Selec...

Selective Soldering System SEHO SelectLine

MJS Designs is pleased to announce the purchase of the Selective Soldering System manufactured by SEHO SelectLine, with planned installation in December 2015. The new selective soldering system provides 100% process control with its revolutionary design. The selective soldering systems are precise, programmable, fast, and consistent. It solders with highest level of precision and solder […]

Quality Counts . . . The 8 Areas that...

As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link”.  Therefore, the partners you choose to provide Engineering, PCB CAD Layout, Testing, PCB Assembly and Manufacturing could make or break your ability to provide a quality product that is both functional and profitable. Below are the Top 8 benefits your next EMS […]

PCB Design – A Team Approach

PCB Design – A Team Approach

Just about every technology product in our world has passed through the hands of a PCB Designer.  The PCB Designer steps in after the electrical engineer has completed the schematic or circuit design.  The PCB Designer makes his/her contributions to the portion of the project that involves the printed circuit board which mechanically supports and […]

Top Five Benefits of Choosing a “Turn...

The phrase turn-key can mean many things depending on the subject matter.  In the world of electronic manufacturing, we define turn-key as: turn-key, of, pertaining to, or resulting from an arrangement under which a private contractor designs and constructs a project, building, etc., for sale when completely ready for occupancy or operation: turn-key housing, turnkey contract. […]

From Prototype to Production in Five ...

Every product, from the chair you might be sitting in right now to the advanced technology found Satellite tracking systems started as an idea, a thought.  Someone sketched the idea out, maybe on a napkin or on even a drawing board, and then shared their passion for the idea with others and thus begin the […]

Selecting a PCB CAD Layout Design Ven...

Selecting a PCB CAD Layout Design Vendor

Printed circuit boards are the electronic brains behind just about every electronic technology we use today. In simple terms, they are used to create conductive pathways out of copper sheets to send signals and instructions to electronic devices. Each PCB layout is a unique, meticulously designed map to the electronic device and it is typically […]

Systems Engineering: A Quick Look

There are many ways to define systems engineering. However, the majority of definitions describe it as an interdisciplinary approach that comprises the complete technical effort needed in order to advance and verify a unified and complete life-cycle optimized set of process solutions, systems and people to fulfill the needs of customers.  (Yes, we know that […]

What are Satellites for?

SatComs, or satellite communications, encompasses a wide range of satellite uses.  In layman’s terms, communication by satellite is the act of bouncing a signal transmitted from Earth off a satellite and back to a different point on Earth. The advantage of this is that it gives us the ability to communicate quickly with anyone, anywhere […]

The Basics of a Complete System Build

Electro-mechanical box builds and complete system builds are almost an essential part of EMS setup. As assemblies grow more complex, standards more stringent, customer service and value for money become the key drivers in the new economy. The days where a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly firm would collaborate with a rack and harness manufacturer […]