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Electronics Manufacturing Risk Mitiga...

Electronics Manufacturing Risk Mitigation Responsibilities

Many projects are highly complex and may have thousands of potential fail points when the risks are not taken seriously by an EMS provider or when a project is awarded to the lowest bidder or non-credentialed EMS provider. The MJS Designs team knows there is a lot at stake with your project, whether it is […]

The Relationship Between Quality and ...

The Relationship Between Quality and Credentials

over 40 years of industry experience, MJS Designs has acquired a wide variety of significant industry credentials.  MJS Designs also requires a range of certification standards for its staff members. While many customers come to MJS Designs because the credentials met the requirements for a project, it is the staff certifications that speak to MJS […]

 Eight Key Phases to the Engineering ...

 Eight Key Phases to the Engineering Cycle

On any given day in the United States there are more than 300,000 people working in the field of Electronics Engineering1. Many of these engineers are employed with fast-paced technology companies and are dedicated to churning out the latest gadgets for the consumer marketplace.  Some are employed by government agencies and are involved with projects […]

Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Warning! Not All Quotes are the Same

Today’s consumer,  whether shopping for landscaping services or electronics manufacturing services, typically wants an answer to the question “how much will it cost?” as soon as possible.  This key cost number often decides if they will continue to shop, if they can hand a project off to a service provider or even if there is value […]

Selective Soldering System SEHO Selec...

Selective Soldering System SEHO SelectLine

MJS Designs is pleased to announce the purchase of the Selective Soldering System manufactured by SEHO SelectLine, with planned installation in December 2015. The new selective soldering system provides 100% process control with its revolutionary design. The selective soldering systems are precise, programmable, fast, and consistent. It solders with highest level of precision and solder […]

Quality Counts . . . The 8 Areas that...

As the saying goes “you are only as strong as your weakest link”.  Therefore, the partners you choose to provide Engineering, PCB CAD Layout, Testing, PCB Assembly and Manufacturing could make or break your ability to provide a quality product that is both functional and profitable. Below are the Top 8 benefits your next EMS […]

The Secret Sauce in Quick Turn – Supp...

The Secret Sauce in Quick Turn – Supply Chain Management

The phrase “Supply Chain Management” is often used as a sweeping term to cover everything from vendor relationships, to purchasing to supplier collaborations.  While it often does include those things, Supply Chain Management is actually the systems used to communicate with a complex network of organizations and people about activities, information and resources, which are […]

Team CAUTION 1492 Says Thank You to M...

Team CAUTION 1492 Says Thank You to MJS Designs!

To Dawn Visser & MJS Designs, Inc., With sincere appreciation and gratitude for your support,  Arizona Community Robotics “Team CAUTION” would like to thank you for your generosity and financial sponsorship. Team CAUTION is forever grateful for all you have done to help our team achieve our goals and for enriching our FRC (First Robotics […]

Testing . . . The difference between ...

Testing . . . The difference between doing it right and doing it over

  Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies are manufactured using an assortment of complex electrical components, including resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors and relays, just to name a few.  The functionality of any circuit board depends on each element performing and functioning at a specified level.  If any component fails, the PCB assembly can experience faulty performance […]

Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foun...

Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation

We recently received the following thank you note from  Mike Conklin, Chairman, Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation. ****************** Thank you for your donation of to the Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation (SOF).  We will use this donation as an investment towards the support of education, housing needs, and mentorship for the severely wounded members of the […]